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Devin "Dkaeyy" Kendrick was born in Stockbridge and raised in McDonough, Georgia. He is well known for his athleticism and content creation.

I’ve really been into it since I was in the 3rd-4th grade. I used to binge watch hell of YouTube videos; but watch from a creator’s perspective. Once I got to like the 7th or 8th grade I started posting my own videos on YouTube. I would use my pop's old Sony camera he used to record me when I played youth sports growing up. I never knew how to transfer those videos up off that thing either😂. So I started using my phone. Which led me to start recording things going on in school like fights. I only posted 1 video though cause I realized it caused problems on my end too. In 2022 I started doing gym content but I lost momentum. I had too much going on to keep up with myself. Attempting to do gym content while playing baseball all while being in my own way. All in all I’ve always known how to use a camera whether it’s the phone or a professional one. I know angles & perspectives to get what I want out of whatever I’m creating. My craft is continuously growing and I love it.

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